While I was doing some research for Fishhawk Ranch I noticed a disturbing statistic in regards to short sales. To date there has been 34 homes that have been sold and closed in Fishhawk Ranch according to the Mid Florida MLS. Guess how many of these homes that sold were short sales? If you guessed only 2 you are correct. So I was curious how many homes are currently pending contract in Fishhawk Ranch, Well there are 61 homes currently under contract and guess how many of them are short sales? There are 26 short sale homes.

So my point is and the proof is in the pudding many short sales will never come to fruition. Why would you want to sit around for months and emotionally invest yourself in hopes of the real estate gods giving their blessing on your short sale deal you are unlikely to get? When there are plenty of viable options with already foreclosed homes known as (REO) bank owned homes or new homes which have to be competitive to compete with the bank owned homes.

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