Today as a buyer you have many options when it comes to working with a buyers agent but not quite as many as you did before. With the slowing of the real estate market many real estate agents are now longer in the business or many are working full time jobs and doing real estate on a part time basis. Part time agents really do a disservice to you as a buyer or a seller, We have seen an increase in poor Realtor service in dealing with agents who don’t answer the phone, or won’t return your call in a timely fashion, this just makes the whole real estate industry look bad. We actually have had clients call and be surprised we answered our phone because they have tried to call several other agents only to never get a return call back.

It only makes sense to know a part time Realtor will not be able to give you the attention you require as a buyer, will have to work around their schedule and  not be up to speed in the local real estate market. All the things a good full time real estate agent can provide you with, not to say all part time agents are bad just not able to give the full commitment to you.

We promise to respond to your needs, answer the phone even on the weekends when it’s most likely you are available, and if for some reason we don’t answer the phone we will return your call in a timely fashion. We are a full time real estate team dedicated to you and will do our best to make your real estate transaction a smooth one.

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