Making A Difference For The Upcoming Holidays

Sometimes we all take things for granted including myself, We have dreams of being rich and living glamorous lifestyles, travelling the world with not a care in the world. For those of us who have a roof over our head, food on the table, are in good health with friends and family we are already rich. There is nothing wrong with that and I wish everyone could experience that but sometimes we forget there are people less fortunate in the world, some people can’t afford to put food on the table or can’t pay for medicine they urgently need.

With the holiday seasons fast approaching we should be thankful for what we have but not forget the less fortunate. Recently our newly formed Tampa Young Professional network has teamed up with Feeding America a non-profit group who accepts food donations to provide to local food banks. The Tampa YPN now has a  Feeding America donation bin located in the GTAR building where anyone can drop off  canned foods. The Tampa YPN also has partnered with Agent Reboot for it’s upcoming event November 9th where Realtors can bring in canned foods for Feeding America to the event.

Please remember to support your local charities especially during the holidays and give back to your community so we all can make a difference for those less fortunate.


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Tampa Florida Hotels Map FL

We get asked a lot on where to stay when coming to Tampa while planning a relocation to Tampa so I figured I would make a map of hotels in Tampa and Brandon FL hotels to make it easy to locate on the map. Just click on the little hotel icon and the link to each hotel with more information, pricing, photos, and more. Use the plus and minus arrow to zoom in and out.

Affiliate Links. I have not personally stayed at all the hotels and is provided for your convenience.

View Tampa Hotels in a larger map

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Ok for those who don’t know what Google plus is then where the heck have you been? Ok all serious Google plus is similar to the Facebook like button; when you see a website you like and of course we know you like this website (:wink wink:) then you just click the little Google plus button. So if you haven’t already dones so I would really appreciate it if you could go to the button in the upper right corner and click the Google plus sign. You do need to be logged into your Google account or gmail account.


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