I just recently closed on two short sales, one was one working with a buyer and one was with a seller who was represented by an attorney. One of the short sales took four months to close and one less than two months. Which one you think closed faster? The attorney assisted short sale closed first and faster and without any issues. Although I work with mostly buyers selling was a joy because the attorney handled all the negotiation with the banks, and with the seller gathering all the documents required from the bank. The attorney also handle the settlement (closing). This enabled us to put our time into marketing the home and finding a qualified buyer.

As real estate agents we are not allowed to give legal advice and advise what the best thing to do for a seller, so when you have an attorney who specializes in dealing with the legalities it provides the opportunity for everyone to do their part within their own expertise. Short sales are tough to get done no matter what way you look at it but in my experience having a qualified attorney who has the experience to get it done is well worth it.

I want to give props to Patricia Hamiltion of Sponsler, Bennet, Jacobs, & Adams, P.A who did a fantastic job in helping getting this deal closed. Sellers if you are looking to go the short sale route I highly recommend using their services along with you favorite Tampa Realtors (:wink:) to get the job done.