Guest Post by David Taylor

As one of the first of the Baby Boomer’s and having come to Florida in the last 5 years. I feel that I can give you an informed look at Florida and retirement living in the Sunshine State. I am living in SE Florida in a condo on the beach. What a change from the mid west and I love it. The first thing that I will tell you is that if you decide to retire to Florida, living on the beach is absolutely the best and a must in my opinion as it tends to be several degree’s cooler than inland.. Waking up to the sunrise over the ocean and going to bed watching the full moon rising over the silvery sea is spectacular and breath taking. Everyone always told me take Florida is to hot and muggy but I have found it much to my liking as it is never as hot or cold as it can get up north. There is always sea breeze every day cooling you off, the crystal clear water is wonderful for swimming and snorkeling. I hardly ever see a insect as the breeze sweeps everything inland and leaves the beach’s free for long walks without bother. You never know what you will see in or on the ocean, whether it be a beautiful yacht or a large ray , manatee , fish and then the bathing beauties to to distract you for a while.

Living an active lifestyle is important for a long and fruitful retirement. To this end there are so many activities all around us and I cannot think of much that is not available. I love the happy hours at the many tiki bars in the area, many with two 4 one drinks,live music, and food specials. They are great places to meet new friends from all over the country.

This is now my main point to you. If Florida interests you for your retirement please get this —– Now is The Time To Buy Your Retirement Home. Real estate prices have dropped as much as 60% in some areas,in my building the condos have dropped from $450,000 in 2006 to $225,000 now, but in the last couple of months they are selling quickly and the inventory of home have dropped by significantly . Interest rates on mortgages are now below 5%. It does not matter how much you present home as dropped in price or how much you lost in the stock market, take action now to secure your retirement as you are buying your retirement home at historic lows discounts.

Believe this ——–every day that goes by from today on, the available properties will decrease and the prices will rise. You are not the only one looking to retire, remember there are millions of us, and also I can not emphasize the number of foreign buyers coming to Florida, as our dollar falls in value Florida Real Estate is a real bargain to them. Also you are now getting historic low interest rates and please how long do you think they will be here???

Book your travel to Florida ASAP and get your future secured.